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A dedicated, passionate and educated workforce is critical to any business and the drinks and hospitality industry is no different.

At TRDA, we specialize in developing trainings within various aspects pertaining to bars, restaurants and hotels from cocktail technique to cellar management. Trainings vary in length and depth but at all trainings, delegates will receive a workbook and testing which will take place over  an average of 2 days and will include tasting stock where necessary and will be conducted in venue.


This is the base training for any bartender starting out in the industry. Everything from stock rotation to basic garnish techniques, layout and correct use of equipment

Intermediate Cocktail Training

As the cocktail world has evolved, many techniques adopted in the kitchen have found their way behind the bar. This training also helps develop the bartender’s own creativity with regards to cocktails and will open the doors as to what is possible with their own mixology.

Advanced Cocktail Technique

As with the intermediate training, many cross pollinations from other industries have come into the bar world. With the advanced trainings, we look at incorporating more science and state of the art equipment more commonly found in food and science labs to create new flavours and textures.

Category Training

Today’s consumer is considerably more educated thanks to information being at one’s fingertips 24 hours a day, not to mention that not all information is entirely accurate. Our 20+ years of endless on ongoing research is now at your disposal. All categories have a vast amount of history, styles and flavours. Perhaps your establishment specializes in one of them so having your staff able to communicate and educate your guests is part and parcel of the experience. Each of these trainings requires 2 or more days and comes complete with workbooks, testing, tasting stock and glassware. All categories covered will include varieties, history, malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation techniques and service procedure.

Whiskies – American, British and Irish and Global

Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol

Rum, Rhum, Cachaça

Cognac, Brandy and Pisco

Gin – London Dry, New World, Genever


Liqueurs, Amaro and aromatized wines


Introduction to Wine


Management Training

Being able to read a P&L, forecast future expenditure, negotiate stock deals and how to prevent theft are part and parcel of the bar manager’s job requirements. Add to that leadership capability and to reduce staff turnover and you are in the top 1% of the best in the business worldwide. We help new and old managers and owners to run effective businesses and foster happy, healthy and profitable work environments.

Brand Ambassador Training

Running a successful liquor distribution company is just as tough as running a bar or restaurant yourself. Getting brand ambassadors to best communicate your brand with consumers and customers alike requires a clear and clean strategy. This training is geared at enabling your team on the ground to work hand in hand with your sales force, align with compatible, mutually beneficial partnerships outside of the liquor industry and to better assist in getting a consistent ROI from your BA team. Whether you’re selling entry level hooch to best in class luxury brands, get in touch with us to best formulate a customized training geared at your company’s brands.   


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With our proven track record of successful and long standing establishments and brands, we offer gold standard services aimed at taking your business to another level.